About Us

Based in Tinicum Township, Pennsylvania, Bucks Equestrian Trail Association (BucksETA) was formed as a nonprofit community association committed to building and maintaining a network of trails dedicated to horseback riding in Tinicum Township and adjacent townships that traverse public and private properties.

BucksETA aspires to the following goals:

* To serve as a vehicle to organize interested parties who can work together to achieve BucksETA's goals.

* To secure permission of landowners to cross private property on horseback.

* To create a trail maintenance program so BucksETA can establish and maintain trails on a semi-annual basis or as needed.

* To contribute to the local causes in appropriate ways through volunteer work and financial contributions.

* Establish itself as a voice representing the equine rider community and provide input to management to any of the townships where BucksETA has trails.

Contact BucksETA at buckseta@gmail.com