FAQs for Landowners

Bucks Equestrian Trail Association (BucksETA) is a community-focused nonprofit association that is committed to building and maintaining a network of trails dedicated to horseback riding in Tinicum Township and adjacent townships that traverse public and private properties. 


  1. Membership in the Bucks Equestrian Trail Association (BucksETA) is limited to residents of Tinicum Township and owners of horses that are boarded in Tinicum Township, and to residents and owners of horses boarded in facilities immediately adjacent to Tinicum Township.
  2. Permission for BucksETA to use a trail on your property is voluntary on the part of the landowner, and may be revoked by you at any time.
  3. BucksETA has strict rules that encourage responsible behavior on TTA trails.
  4. Pennsylvania has a landowner liability rule (see attached). The Pennsylvania Landowners Liability for Land User law, originally passed in 1965, provides immunity to liability for undeveloped land. More detail available here.
  5. BucksETA will work with landowners to select the best route across your property. Our preference is to stay away from homes and outbuildings. BucksETA members will periodically mow trails and trim brush and trees to provide a safe trail system, with trails a maximum of 10 feet in width. Landowners will be notified prior to any such activity takes place on their property.
  6. Trail riding is only allowed between May 1 and November 31. Hours are limited to 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. during hunting season. When appropriate, we will work with you or with authorized hunters accessing your property to ensure that hunting activities are undisturbed.
  7. Landowners are encouraged to call any officers if there is a problem with the use of a trail. Members horses should be wearing a colored numbered identification tag. 
  8. You can expect only light traffic on TTA trails. There are a limited number of members, and most only ride a couple times per week, and are unlikely to ride TTA trails every outing. The most frequent users of the trails through your property are likely to be TTA members living near you.
  9. To discourage unauthorized use of the trail network, we mark trails discreetly at road crossings. We mark trails with discrete markers. If you object to marking trails on your property please let us know.
  10. Any concerns landowners may have should be communicated to BucksETA officers via email at BucksETA@gmail.com or via phone at 215-859-0210.
  11. BucksETA gives back to the community. Our members volunteer at community events, and the association has, in its charter, a mandate to make charitable contributions to appropriate organizations that make Tinicum Township a better place to live.



  • A trail system will stimulate interest in preserving the township's farms and open space.
  • Increases the desirability of Tinicum Township as a place for horse owners to locate.
  • Maintaining or increasing horse populations will help support local farmers through the sale of hay and straw.
  • Bringing people together to create and use a trail system will strengthen our sense of community.