BucksETA Trail Etiquette

Identification: Members are issued annual identification tags that should be displayed on their horse or on their person while riding BucksETA trails. Tags change color each year, so membership currency can be easily determined from a distance.

Season: BucksETA Trails will be open to riding daily from sunrise through sunset from May 1 through the start of fall hunting season (generally around September 30). During hunting season, the BucksETA trails are only open to membership for riding between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., and on Sundays between sunrise and sunset (no hunting in Pennsylvania on Sundays). Trails are closed during the winter and spring seasons (December 1 through April 30) when conditions are damp and soft, when horses will cause considerable damage to trails. During the season, riders should make appropriate decisions for the usability of trials. If conditions are too damp for you to ride on your lawn, then the trails should not be used, either. BucksETA officers may close trails during the season in the event of poor ground conditions.

Respecting Trails: BucksETA trails are marked, and markers should be followed closely. Adjacent fields, regardless of how inviting, should be considered off limits. Remember, it only takes one horse, one rider, and one incident to permanently lose access to a given property.

Trail Use and Prohibitions: BucksETA Trails are for exclusive purpose of horseback riding. Riders may pony not more than one additional horse. Group rides are limited to not more than 6 riders in a group. No jumps may be set up on the trails that cross any properties upon which BucksETA has secured access permission. Other trail uses are prohibited, including use by bicycles, motor vehicles of any sort, driving (horse drawn carts), hikers, runners. Dogs on or off leash are not permitted at any time. Riders may not place jumps on property being crossed by BucksETA trails.

Collateral Damage: All horses can be unpredictable at times. Any and all collateral damage that happens adjacent to trails, such as deep hoof prints on a lawn, a disturbed flower garden, or other homeowner/landowner damage, should be reported immediately to at least one officer, or on the BucksETA hotline at 215-859-0210. This way BETA can proactively assist the member responsible for the incident and the homeowner in rectifying that damage, to ensure our continued good working relationship with property owners. It is expected the rider will participate in rectifying damage he or she inadvertently causes.

Trail Abuse: If a member violates BucksETA trail etiquette, a warning will be issued after the first incident. If the member continues to violate BucksETA etiquette, BucksETA officers may opt to remove that member, with no financial remuneration for the remainder of the membership year. BucksETA officers reserve the right to refuse to provide future membership to an individual who has previously violated BucksETA etiquette.

Other Expectations: BucksETA members are not permitted to have dogs accompany them (on or off leash). Members may bring guests if an "Individual + 1 Guest" membership is purchased. A guest accompanying a member must sign an indemnification form, and that form must be submitted electronically to the BucksETA Membership Director prior to riding on BucksETA trails. This is as simple as signing the form, photographing it, and sending that image to the BucksETA Membership Director at (215-859-0210).